mission-iconThe mission of the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council is to promote harmony, mutual respect and justice through dialogue, education, programs and resources.  In doing so, we hope to foster an atmosphere of collaboration, unity and transparency among our very diverse population.


vision-iconThe Greater Columbia Community Relations Council will be the primary arena for exploring, in a positive forum, issues that divide our community with the  purpose of improving the quality of life for all.



goal-iconOur goal is to serve in an advisory capacity to leaders and officials from the faith, education, business, neighborhoods, media, law enforcement, local government and supporting agencies.  We believe that honest dialogue and active participation will lead to understanding, acceptance, mutual respect and eventually inclusion for everyone.

Executive Director's Message

The Greater Columbia Community Relations Council was founded on the belief that for harmony to truly exist within our diverse communities, we must be able to set aside our biases, mutually respect one another and then work together in transparency for a shared prosperity.  Fifty visionary leaders of the time including Columbia Mayor Lester Bates, then City Councilman Hyman Rubin, USC President Thomas Jones, Attorney Lincoln C. Jenkins, Educator Milton Kimpson and Community Leader James Hinton came together in 1964 to formulate a plan of action that would both address and mitigate racial tensions while at the same time facilitate the process of peaceful desegregation  in the City of Columbia and eventually throughout South Carolina.

Today the council serves to advocate, mediate and educate on behalf of all of the many citizens of our diverse communities so that everyone is included in the public policies that shape our region.

Join us as we continue the work necessary to build “One Columbia”, diverse, inclusive, enterprising and unified.

James McQuilla, Executive Director


PACE Program

PACE (Preparation, Arts, Civility and Education) is our elementary age, in-school, character building and leadership training program for underachieving 4th and 5th grade students.  The program also helps these students better understand and appreciate cultural differences.

FBI Program

The Faith-based Initiative (FBI) is a committee of local clergy from different denominations assembled to address and mediate concerns and help neighborhood groups and civic organizations resolve disputes and issues.

Fair Housing Program

The Fair Housing Program serves as our affordable and fair housing advocacy on behalf of low and moderate income families, with special emphasis on the needs of women and children

Hot Topics

Hot Topics is a monthly series of informational forums for discussing issues in a safe, non-partisan setting that often divide us but are relevant and important to the positive growth of the greater community.

Coalition of Columbia Communities

The Coalition of Columbia Communities is a task force of diverse, inclusive community leaders who will work together and support each other’s right to respect, equality and prosperity.