Introducing...our Board of Directors


William Riley - Board Chairman
Ceasar J. Leysath - President, Columbia Luncheon Club
Joshua Greene – Treasurer and Chair, Budget and Finance Committee
Tyler Bailey – Chair, Bylaws Committee

Karel Givens – Chair, Nominating Committee
Jeff Stallings – Chair, Development Committee
Michelle Thompson – Chair, Community Affairs Committee

Gretchen Barron – Chair, Education and Youth Leadership (PACE)
Dr. Cynthia Walters – Chair, Faith Based Initiative

Board Members

Board Members Not Pictured

Kari-Claudia Allen Tyler Bailey Lesley T. Gadson Joshua Greene
Reginald C. Hair Ceasar J. Leysath Brie Logue Jeff March
Dereck Swindal Mickey Tangri Michelle Thompson Mitch Willoughby