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Bilingual Family Reading Program

On June 14, 2023, the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council(CRC) held the final session for its 6-week Bilingual Family Reading Program at Richland Library Northeast, in collaboration with Bilingualism Matters @ the University of South Carolina (USC), an initiative that promotes biliteracy in children and schools.

Councilwoman Gretchen D. Barron, a proponent of the Bilingual Family Reading Program, Larry K. Salley, Executive Director of the CRC, and Dr. Eurydice Bauer, CRC board member, professor, and director of Bilingualism Matters at USC, all spoke on the reading initiative, discussing the necessity of literacy and bilingualism among Latinx families and applauding the support of the Richland County Council Community Impact Grant for the educational enrichment of Spanish-speaking children within our county.

Did you know that $7500 in funding was awarded to the CRC through the Richland County Council Community Impact Grant to support the efforts of the Bilingual Family Reading Program? Richland County is proud to sponsor local organizations that care deeply about the literacy and education of children from all backgrounds within our community.

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